Being a Christian in business can be challenging

We have good news — you do not have to face tough issues alone!

Truth At Work helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives be the gifted leaders that God has created them to be.

Round Table Groups

Truth at Work provides a monthly Round Table where members grow personally, professionally and spiritually with their peers in a safe, confidential forum. They benefit from authentic Christian community with other business owners and leaders.

Meaningful Content

Members participate each month in a proven content discussion featuring topics relevant to today’s business leaders. Everyone learns and grows through the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Goals and Accountability

Goal setting and accountability is important in business and life. Round Table members are committed to holding each other accountable to their goals. And we use creative and fun ways to do it!

What Members Say

Want to know more?

When people first hear about Truth at Work, often their first question is about visiting a Round Table, to get a taste of the experience. Each month a mini-Round Table is presented for people to experience a Truth at Work Round Table in an abbreviated format and learn more about the organization.

Check our Events page to register for the next Mini-Round Table. Can’t make the next event? Please contact Sue Voyles to set up a one-on-one meeting to learn more.

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