The Value of a Round Table

I founded my business 21 years ago and had the good fortune of having some mentors along the way. I even invested a modest amount in coaching. But the one resource I didn’t have was a Round Table of my peers to rely on for support, advice, objective insight and encouragement. 

I looked at some peer support groups but found 1) that I didn’t qualify because my business was too small or 2) I couldn’t afford the cost.

Twenty-one years later, Truth at Work came into my life. And what a difference it has made.

As a Chapter President, I have the privilege of participating in a regular monthly Round Table with my peers – other chapter presidents from around the country. This has quickly become the most important monthly meeting on my calendar. One that I don’t ever want to miss. (In fact, I drove home from vacation in September and timed it so I’d make the Round Table meeting on my day of arrival.)

You may ask, why has this become so important? 


  • I know these individuals hold the same faith values as I do.
  • They are open and honest with me, while at the same time showing concern for me as a whole person. In other words, I trust them.
  • They are willing to share their “lessons learned” with me.
  • Everything discussed is held in strict confidence.
  • They value my input as much as I value theirs – mutual respect. 

So my question is: where do you go for objective input and the wisdom found in many counselors (Prov. 15:22) on your business (and life) from fellow Christians? 

Don’t Let a Pandemic Keep You Down

Do you believe God has a plan for you and your business? Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused you to question that plan?

More than once this year, people have explained to me that they’d like to join a Truth at Work Round Table, but they cannot do it because of the pandemic (or substitute in the words ‘time’ or ‘money’).

It seems to me that, more than ever – and especially during a pandemic — we need God’s presence in our daily lives and businesses. Trusting in God’s plan will bring about just what you need. If you’re not sure, see Jeremiah 29:11. 

If you think that being part of a Round Table is the missing equation in your life, don’t let a pandemic (or time or money) be the barrier. 

Reach out today so we can have a discussion.

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